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The ANT-463L (Amaze-N-Tow) was primarily designed
to lift a standard pallet off the ground. Once the pallet and cargo are in position the ANT-463L is capable of safely traveling at highway speeds. The ANT-463L has the ability to load and unload the standard pallet under its own power, with the ability to transport on rough terrain or on the highway.

It is recommended that the ANT-463L be transported by a one-ton or larger vehicle. It is important that the pallet or other cargo be secured as to the Loadmaster specifications.With the ANT-463L, you can haul up to 1800 kgs with your car, pickup, or Humvee with a standard ball or military pintel hitch!

Like its namesake of the insect world, the ANT-463L can pick up and carry loads several times its own weight! This practical product combines the lifting power and material handling flexibility of a fork lift and the highway-speed transportation capacity of a larger truck! The ANT-463L allows any vehicle with a conventional ball or military hitch to haul and unload heavy loadssimply, quickly and safely! It’s incredibly strong as it iscapabable of carrying loads weighing up to 2000 kgs!

AMAZE N TOW Video (7.1 MB)

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