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The double coil BARBED TAPE OBSTACLE is manufactured in strict accordance with U.S. Military Specifications. Commonly Known as TYPE 11, this material is produced with a 750mm diameter outside coil and a 600mm diameter inside coil.

It shall be fabricated from a 31mm wide and .62mm thick strip of a 301 series austenitic stainless steal, hardened to Rockwell (30N) 50-55. Clusters of four (4) needle-sharp barbs shall be located 100mm on centre around each coil loop. Barbs shall be oppositely offset 3.8mm – 11.4mm from the plane of the tape centerline. Barbs shall have a minimum length of 60mm from tip to tip. The inner coil shall have 21 (±1 ) barb clusters per loop and the other coil shall have 24 ( ±1 ) barb clusters per loop.

The inner and outer coil shall each consist of 33 loops and shall be firmly attached to one another by four (4) stainless steel wire cables 7 x 7 strand 1.2mm diameter. The wire cables serve as trip wires and ensure the conformity of the loop spacings. Each unit (complete double coil assembly) will cover 20 linear metres. End loops, for in anchoring each unit to the ground, may be removed for fence mounted applications.




Barbed Strip

High Tensile Core Wire

No. of Loops Per Roll Attachments Points Per Loop Weight Per Roll (kgs)/(lbs) Length Per Roll (metres)/(ft)
301 SS
33 33
16.3 / 36
20 / 66


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